on the way to tippit rise

on the way to tippit rise

Mara-Gai Katz architectural designer

Mara-Gai has been working as a designer and collaborator for over 25 years. While her work has taken her from coast to coast, the past 20 years Mara-Gai has found herself at home in Montana working primarily in the Gallatin, Madison and Ruby Valleys.

Many of Mara-Gai’s previous projects have a historic component that stem from an  early exposure to historic preservation. Not bound by an given style, she engages with clients to create projects that resonate uniquely with the individuals who live there.

Collaborative by nature, Mara-Gai worked with students for over 10 years when she was an adjunct professor in the Architecture Department at Montana State University in Bozeman. She has also served on the Board of Directors of several local and statewide preservation organizations.